Advocacy of Community Causes

Being aware of the issues and concerns of Qatari community, the Crescent, like other relevant social institutions, have a share of responsibility for dealing with these issues, in an attempt to diagnose them and identify their nature and suggest steps to be taken in the interest of the community as a whole, and strengthen the image of the State of Qatar at home and abroad.

The most important thing that the Crescent has done in this regard is the organization of a major international conference entitled "Doha Dialogue on Migration 2014" in cooperation with the International Federation of National Societies, with a view to finding a platform to discuss migration issues, the opportunities it creates and the challenges it presents, and using learned lessons to improve the situation of migrant workers considered as one of the major factors in the Qatari community, and the main factors in the economic and urban development witnessed by the beloved Qatar, for it represents the hands that transform the development plans and programs formulated by the Qatari minds into reality, to build the factories and the production and service units , and create roads, facilities and construction in every corner of the country.