QRC School Program

Student's Guide to Voluntary and Social Work under the Umbrella of Qatar Red Crescent


Over the course of his thirty-nine years, Qatar Red Crescent has never ceased to perform its mission as a voluntary charity that works in the service of the Qatari community and human communities in general, by working to improve the lives of the vulnerable and to enhance their economic, social, health and cultural conditions.

Volunteering has always been the foundation of all the work done by the Crescent. Its volunteers are its main pillar and real wealth, therefore it is keen to develop and refine them through rehabilitation, training, acquisition of theoretical and practical experiences, and attraction of active elements from different groups, especially among the youth considered the backbone of the society and the leaders of the future.

Contributing to the preparation of a generation capable of bearing responsibility and having a high level of culture and awareness of the era challenges, the Crescent launched the initiative, "School Red Crescent" as a meaningful development step seeking to form groups within schools to contribute to community service and to the promotion of a culture of charity and volunteer work.

In this manual, you will find detailed information on the aspects of the initiative that represent the main work areas of the Red Crescent, as well as the benefits of joining any side where you find yourself enthusiastic, willing to learn and able to make a positive difference. You may also find contact details of the person who is responsible for the registration of those wishing to enroll in the programs.