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The Qatar Red Crescent started its activities in Yemen since 2012. Its representative mission was created in 2016 and became official after signing an agreement with the government in early 2017. The Qatar Red Crescent Mission in Yemen is part of the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) which is an authority specialized in taking strategic and operational decisions in addition to coordinating between the parties involved in the provision of humanitarian assistance headed by the Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator to lead and coordinate international humanitarian assistance efforts and to support existing national efforts. In practice, it involves relevant international agencies, such as the United Nations agencies, their funds and programs, the International Organization for Migration, international non-governmental organizations, national non-governmental organizations and the Movement of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent.
The Qatar Red Crescent Mission in Yemen is working in a number of multisectoral development projects, whether within the medical sector or the water and sanitation sector, in addition to emergency relief projects.
Among the most prominent medical projects that left a positive impact on the lives of the beneficiaries, are: the cholera patients treatment project, the cardiac patients treatment project of, medical staff training, the dialysis patients project, the primary health care project, the surgical medical intervention project for the treatment of the war-wounded, supporting the children of patients with cerebral palsy, the disabled treatment project and the distribution of medicines and medical supplies.

In conjunction with the execution of these long-term programs, the Mission is also endeavoring to execute a series of emergency relief projects, such as the distribution of oil derivatives to hospitals, the distribution of food packages and Iftar Al Sa’em projects, ending with housing and warm winter projects.
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