West Bank

Contact Information

  • Phone Number: 00972 2 2975849
  • Email: missions@qrcs.org.qa
The representative office of the Qatar Red Crescent Society was established in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of 2008. The Qatar Red Crescent Society provides emergency relief and development assistance to the residents of the Gaza Strip, especially in the field of health, water and sanitation, in addition to projects targeting the sectors of higher education, disability and environment and the sheltering projects, especially after the 2014 war. Recently, work started on projects aimed at improving the living conditions of poor families in the Gaza Strip through the provision of vouchers to a number of poor families, the provision of safe energy and lighting systems and the funding of small projects in order to enable these families economically.
Since the beginning of its humanitarian intervention in 2008, the Mission's work has contributed to the provision of emergency relief and development aid to the population of the Gaza Strip, especially in the field of health, water and sanitation, through the execution of more than 80 projects in the said fields which had a clear positive impact on the lives of the Gazans and in alleviating their suffering.
Since early 2010, the Qatar Red Crescent has expanded its work in the targeted areas. The Mission’s interventions included the execution of projects targeting the higher education, disability and environment sectors through rainwater collection and filtration projects and the reuse of treated water in the irrigation of crops, in addition to working on sheltering projects especially after the 2014 War.
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