Contact Information

  • Phone Number: 009611300201
  • Email: Lebanon@qrcs.org.qa
Today, the mission is carrying out a series of health and development projects that complement each other, especially in geographical distribution, as the mission has adopted the policy of covering the difficult border areas such as “Arsal”, “Wadi Khaled” and “Shebaa”. The total number of refugees in these three areas constitutes around 10% of the total number of Syrian refugees and many international organizations avoid reaching out to them for security reasons. The number of workers in the mission is about 15 people between employees and volunteers and the value of the projects executed in the Lebanon mission is about USD35M.
The Mission's interventions are divided into two main parts: medical programs, including (women's and children's programs, pre-natal care for premature born babies, early detection and treatment of breast cancer patients, health care centers programs, disability care programs, seasonal relief medical programs) and the second part is non-medical programs (including shelter programs, water and sanitation programs, food safety programs and seasonal relief programs).
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