Development Activities

The Crescent is not only providing relief to affected communities at the time of disasters, but continues to work after the crisis to repair the resulting damage and help the people return to normal life.

These efforts range from:

  • Health services: such as the establishment, equipment, operation and rehabilitation of hospitals and health centers, the launch of vaccination campaigns and health education, the establishment of surgical camps and the recruitment of medical expertise.
  • Rehabilitation of disaster-affected infrastructure: such as electricity, water, sewage, roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and public facilities.
  • Food security: through the distribution of food portions sufficient for reasonable periods to the poorest families to protect them from hunger and destitution.
  • Provide permanent housing projects in accordance with the nature of the local environment and help families rebuild their damaged houses.
  • Establish productive projects to provide livelihoods and help the community rebuild itself.
  • Spread a culture of peace and coexistence: through educational and cultural courses to integrate the community groups and create opportunities for cooperation and joint action among them.