Local development

The Social Development Department is oriented toward the concept of organization of efforts working on coordinating between available human and material capabilities in his social entourage in order to achieve higher living and social life standards for weak categories in different areas such as education, health and family, and then achieving the higher possible level of social welfare.

Therefore, and within this system, the Social Development Management works towards adopting a fixed and comprehensive concept for social policy, its formulation mechanisms, monitoring tools and the purpose of achieving more balanced human development. The Administration adopts its work based on a vision that goes in line with variable social models and focuses on previous experiences that different ways of execution of social policies led to.

Vision of the Social Development Department

To contribute to the efforts exerted towards developing a coherent community based on the principles, value and social care through the family and the individual.

Social Development Section

The Social Development Section works based on a main approach considering that development is a conscious process aimed at formulating an integrated social and cultural structure in which the community affirms its identity, individuality and creativity. It is based on the performance of a professional humanitarian mission that involves giving and providing assistance and aid to the neediest marginalized categories, overcoming with its material services, high affectional participation, whether by volunteering or providing facilities and services and understanding the nature of problems and social needs.

Work Constants in the Social Development Section

  • Belief that the individual is the unique power in bringing about social change
  • Belief in individual differences between groups and members of the society
  • Belief in the individual’s right to exercise his freedom within the limits of social values

Objectives of the Social Development Section

  • To instill positive social values for the purpose of advancing the process of development and strengthening the values of social solidarity
  • To monitor and study the social phenomena of families and the community alike and to work on finding appropriate solutions.
  • Early detection of social pests and working on finding appropriate social action strategies.
  • To contribute to achieving the social stability of the family by providing various services (social, economic, health, psychological, educational) within the available potential to build a society with capable development and change.
  • To contribute to assisting people and helping those who are unable to be more capable within their families and their environment.
  • To play an important role in the partnership for development.

Community Development Programs

  • Economic and social empowerment.
  • Professional empowerment.
  • Academic empowerment.
  • Seasonal assistance program.
  • Health empowerment.
  • “Imdad” project for the rehabilitation of inmates of penal institutions.
  • “Ma'an Lel Khayr” (Together Towards Good) Project.
  • Project to raise the capabilities and skills of school students.

Economic and Social Empowerment Program

  • Financial or in-kind assistance or both for needy families and individuals according to certain controls.
  • To aid in and facilitate daily life burdens for the purpose of providing decent life for the individual.
  • To provide the required support and social assistance for families.

Seasonal assistance

  • Permanent assistance (Zakat, Eid gifts, food vouchers, in kind for Syrian expatriates during the war).
  • Quarterly assistance (provisioning, school assistance).
  • Various assistance (new year-round donations).

Professional Empowerment

  • Providing services for the rehabilitation of individuals and families in need (training).

Academic Empowerment

  • Providing assistance to students from low-income families who are unable to pay tuition fees in schools and universities.

Health Empowerment (Patient Assistance Fund)

Based on the general strategy of the Qatar Red Crescent on the adoption of humanitarian advocacy issues and improving the lives of weak and vulnerable people, the Qatar Red Crescent launched the Patient Assistance Fund project in response to the needs of poor and needy patients.

Project’s Objectives:
  • To help patients in the State in providing them with medicines and health services in a way that achieves social solidarity and strengthens the sense of brotherhood and cohesion among all, those who are capable and the needy ones.
  • To provide assistance to patients according to their needs, including financial and in-kind assistance, medical equipment and travel tickets.
  • To raise the morale of patients by visiting them in hospitals and relieving them.
  • To support guidance and recreational programs for patients with chronic conditions such as renal failure, cancer.
  • To care for the social aspects of patients as well as therapeutic aspects.
  • To contribute to raising the level of health services to achieve appropriate and developed health care for patients.

Specialized projects under the auspices of the Patient Assistance Fund:

  • Financial assistance for the treatment of needy patients.
  • Shifa’ project to help patients with hepatitis.
  • Hiba project to assist displaced people in war conditions from the Syrian and Yemeni communities.
  • Orphan relief project.
  • Psychosocial support project.
  • “Ma'an Lel Khayr” (Together Towards Good) Project.

Other programs and events

Societal development executes many workshops, events and other projects in order to achieve its objectives, and mainly:

  • Program directed to schools aimed at preserving values and principles, fighting negative habits and raising the competencies and abilities of students.
  • Rattil Wartaqi (Chant and Rise Up) (aims at encouraging children of chaste families to memorize the Holy Quran).
  • Mutamayizoon (Outstanding) (honoring outstanding families, housewives and students).
  • Hathihi Omniyati (This is my wish) (fulfilling the wishes of sick children suffering from incurable diseases).
  • Ramadan affection Iftar.
  • Islamic Orphan Day.