Public Awareness

In the context of its keen interest in health awareness and education, the Crescent launches programs and campaigns throughout the year to spread preventive health habits and distribute awareness brochures and personal hygiene kits among members of society, especially expatriate workers, including the National Communicable Disease Prevention Campaign (Weqaya), Ramadan Crescent Campaign and “Thank you” campaign, in addition to the participation to many events and health exhibitions inside Qatar.

In the same context, the annual workshop "Public Health Management in Crises" (H.E.L.P) is organized by the Crescent in collaboration with the ICRC and the University of Calgary- Qatar, with the participation of a group of lecturers and specialists from various national and international organizations. The workshop covers various topics related to planning, food security, public health, epidemic management, health care systems, International Humanitarian Law and refugee protection. It targets various categories of workers in the health field such as doctors, nurses, nutritionists, environmental engineers, epidemiologists and public health professionals.

From Health and relief education to social and vocational education, the Hilal Rail Project, which offers educational seminars for young people of both sexes on various social, educational and psychological issues that concern their lives and future. The Crescent also organizes a "Starting Point" program in cooperation with the British Council, under the supervision of the British Spring Board; this program includes a curriculum, workshops and practical activities for the development of women's capacities, enhancement of their self-confidence in both career and entrepreneurship fields, as well as the organization of lectures and seminars about religious, social and family education in social clubs and youth centers.

Finally, the Crescent pays special attention to spreading the culture of International Humanitarian Law and human rights through the organization of educational lectures on this subject in schools, universities and military colleges, including Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College, which sends every year a delegation of students in a periodic protocol to visit to the headquarters of the Crescent, to deliver a lecture on the origins of the international movement and its basic objectives and principles, the International Humanitarian Law and its pillars, the four Geneva Conventions and their two additional protocols, as well as a tour inside the headquarters to identify the departments and activities of the Crescent in the service of the Qatari community.