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The Qatar Red Crescent started its relief work in the Philippines since 2012, making it the first Arab relief organization to operate on the ground in the Republic of the Philippines; having faith in its mission through which it aims at contributing to the improvement of the conditions of the poorest communities around the world and the rapid access to the categories most affected by crises and natural disasters and in the context of achieving its humanitarian aspirations through the spread and expansion of programs and services that contribute to the service of humanity.
Through its humanitarian interventions in the Philippines, the Qatar Red Crescent mainly aims to alleviate the effect of difficult circumstances facing poor families due to extreme poverty and the limited potential that prevent them from facing the difficult economic conditions and the harsh climatic conditions that the country is subjected to from time to time as a result of its geographical and climate nature. The Crescent Mission also aims at contributing to the achievement of sustainable economic and social development in the Philippines.
The most prominent humanitarian interventions carried out by the Mission since its establishment in 2012 was the project of providing relief and shelter to the bereaved families in the affected areas in the Philippines by typhoon Megi in 2010; then in 2013, the execution of the project of providing shelters to the people affected by typhoon Haiyan in its first and second phases.; in 2014, execution of the project of expansion of the emergency department at Tampran Medical Corporation Hospital in conjunction with the execution of a series of seasonal projects in 2014 and 2015, relating to the distribution of foodstuffs within the Ramadan baskets projects in Mindanao region.
In 2017, as part of the urgent response to the relief of the people affected by the earthquake which hit the city of Surigao, the Mission allocated USD 40,000 and sent a relief team from its mission to assess the damage and to elaborate a plan for urgent humanitarian intervention. This included the distribution of non-food items to families who lost their homes completely due to earthquakes.
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