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The Qatar Red Crescent, through its leading role in the field of humanitarian work at the international level, expressed its desire to intervene in relief work in the state of Rakhine. A two-year framework cooperation agreement with the Myanmar Red Cross was signed on September 26, 2012, including the execution of relief programs and projects supporting displaced people affected by the violence. Thus, the Qatar Red Crescent has elaborated an intervention plan that includes projects and programs in various sectors in the areas of shelter, water and sanitation, medical services, non-food items and livelihood.
In the housing sector, the construction of 480 residential units has been completed. Construction started at the end of January 2013 with the participation of more than 2,500 workers and craftsmen from the Muslim camps adjacent to the construction site, with the aim of having the displaced people themselves participating in the construction work, thus enabling them to have an income to help them provide for a part of their living needs and make them learn a craft through which they can earn their livelihood in the future. This also leads to higher productivity and quality work.
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