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The Libya Mission was established in August 2015 and the mission began its work with one relief coordinator. By the end of 2017, there were 7 specialized cadres in various fields, running the Mission. Since its establishment, the mission started preparing for the proposed programs to be executed in 2016. They are all medical programs executed by the Qatar Red Crescent in cooperation with a local Libyan foundation, the Sheikh Taher Al Zawi Charity Foundation.
These medical programs included the medical assistance program executed by the Qatar Red Crescent in Libya, with the start of execution in October 2015 - September 2016. It included the provision of support and the distribution of medicines and medical supplies to 16 public hospitals throughout Libya, including medical supplies and materials and life-saving medicines.
In addition to the medical sector, the Mission works in the non-food, emergency response and water and sanitation sectors. The Qatar Red Crescent has implemented a food aid program for needy and displaced families, with 17,300 food packages distributed to more than 100,000 displaced people across Libya Between 2016-2017 with a value of USD2M.
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