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The Jordan Mission was established in October 2012 and the Mission started its work with five cadres specialized in the medical field and some supporting specialties. In 2013, the Jordan Mission’s activities were developed in terms of specialization in the medical field within the project of the Qatari Fund for the treatment of the Syrian wounded, with the activity of dialysis for the Syrian refugees inside and outside the camps in Jordan, caesarean deliveries and general surgical operations being added to them.
The Mission’s activities expanded to cover the area of  presence of Syrian refugees in the Jordanian territories in several governorates. A center was established in the Zaatari camp for women's psychological support activities through a handicraft program and for children through sports and psychosocial activities to help the Syrian children overcome the ordeal of being a refugee and the difficult situations in the refugee camps.
In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, the Mission continued to attract specialized staff, both in the medical and relief fields and their supporting specializations, as the number of the Mission’s team members doubled twice, bringing the total number of the Mission’s main cadre to fifteen employees by the end of 2016.
The activities of the Qatar Red Crescent Mission are varied in various projects and are spread in most of the Jordanian governorates in terms of the percentage of presence of the Syrian refugees. They also vary in terms of their direct and indirect impact on refugees and are divided into three types: 1) Life-saving projects such as secondary and tertiary referral projects for Jordanian hospitals 2) Life-sustaining projects such as the dialysis project for Syrian refugees, and last 3) Life quality improvement projects such as providing eye care for diabetic patients, general elective surgeries, caesarian section, care for premature newborns and the Warm Winter projects.
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