Qatar Red Crescent Local Development

Local Development

In all its activities, Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) acts as a part of Qatari society, working for its good and welfare, seeking better lives for both nationals and residents, and trying to fulfill their needs using all its resources, experience, and human/technical capabilities, through cooperation with government and nongovernment organizations towards QRCS's mission and the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.​​​​​​

 Advocacy of National Causes


Aware of the issues and concerns of Qatari society, QRCS assumes its part of responsibility for considering these issues, together with other relevant institutions, trying to diagnose them, explore their nature, and propose courses of action, serving the best interest of society as a whole and giving a bright image of Qatar both locally and abroad.

Most prominently, QRCS organized a big international conference titled 'Doha Dialogue on Migration 2014', in cooperation with IFRC, to create a platform that brings migration-related issues and challenges openly for consideration and exchange lessons learnt that can help improve the conditions of migrant laborers, who constitute a large portion of Qatari society and are a key factor in the current economic and constructional growth in the country. They are the hands that transform the development schemes into reality, building plants, production and services units, and expanding urbanization nationwide.​​​​​

 Social Care

QRCS implements a wide range of social development programs that seek to improve the standard of living for poor segments of society to be able to afford the costs of life and enjoy financial stability:

  • Socioeconomic empowerment programs to provide financial and in-kind assistance to vulnerable people to cover their cost of life.
  • Medical assistance programs, through the Patient Support Fund, to cover some or all of the costs of treatment, surgeries, and medicines for poor patients.
  • Emergency assistance programs to provide urgent aid for poor families that experience an emergency such as a fire etc.
  • Kidney transplantation project to treat serious renal failure cases, in cooperation with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).
  • Seasonal assistance, including Ramadan aid, Cordiality Iftar, Zakat-ul-Fitr, Eid clothing, school coupons, food coupons, provisions, and miscellaneous assistance.​

 Community Development

  • Psychosocial support programs to help vulnerable segments of society adapt to their difficult conditions and try to change their lives to the better.
  • “Create a Living” program for the rehabilitation of penitentiary inmates to help them integrate well into society when released from detention.
  • Stand Together project, which is a social development initiative to ensure the welfare of expatriate workers, through diverse forms of assistance, such as health education, food aid, and hygiene kits. The ultimate goal is to improve their living conditions and achieve social integration.​​