Qatar Red Crescent سيناريوهات المخيم

Camp Scenarios


  1. Everyday scenarios:

    These are presumed disasters that the training teams suddenly encounter, and they are required to deal with them and respond to them quickly according to the information obtained.

  2. Topics for suggested daily scenarios:
    • The spread of an epidemic (Covid 19).
    • Part of the football stadium collapses (stadium disasters).
    • Food contamination in a restaurant, which led to the poisoning of a large number.
    • The relief missions were attacked by armed militias.
    • A strong hurricane of 4 destroyed some homes and infrastructure.
    • Large numbers of people are displaced from neighboring countries, and they are housed in shelters.
    • A ship sank, many of its passengers were injured and others were missing.
  3. Field coordination and evaluation exercise:

    It is a practical exercise on the eighth day, during which the teams apply what has been trained on throughout the camp, so that they make a field assessment through visits to specific sites in the Al-Khor area, interviews with the local community, and prepare intervention plans according to the presumed disaster, strengths and weaknesses, And potential risks.

  4. Final scenario:

    Is the practical application of a hypothetical disaster scenario, and the relevant authorities and institutions respond to this disaster according to the roles assigned to them, with the aim of improving coordination between these institutions, and giving the opportunity for trainees to live through the state of disaster and apply the experiences they gained during the camp.

Scenario: Disasters during hosting the World Cup​