Qatar Red Crescent Community Development

Community Development

  • Psychosocial support programs to help vulnerable segments of society adapt to their difficult conditions and try to change their lives to the better.
  • “Imdad" program for the rehabilitation of penitentiary inmates to help them integrate well into society when released from detention.
  • Annual cultural and social programs, such as 'Recite and Ascend' to honor students who memorize the Glorious Quran, 'Outstanding Students' to honor students with high academic achievements, 'This Is My Wish' to distribute toys and gifts in fulfillment of the wishes of ill children, and 'Cordiality Iftar' to provide Iftar meals at hospitals during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Stand Together project, which is a social development initiative to ensure the welfare of expatriate workers, through diverse forms of assistance, such as health education, food aid, and hygiene kits. The ultimate goal is to improve their living conditions and achieve social integration.​