News & Events QRCS supports dialysis services in Lahij
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QRCS supports dialysis services in Lahij


The representation office of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) in Yemen has launched a project to complete the construction of Ibn Khaldun Hospital's dialysis center in Lahij Governorate.

Being the first in the region, the new center would provide dialysis services and medical consultations for patients with kidney failure, at a total cost of $298,145.

The project is aimed at enhancing the health infrastructure and improving medical care for patients in Lahij and neighboring governorates. The center will have 12 dialysis machines, with a capacity of 500 patients per month.

During a field visit to inaugurate the construction works, Ahmed Abdullah Turki, Governor and head of the local council in Lahij, emphasized the importance of the center as a significant contribution to the health facilities in the governorate. “Having a specialized dialysis center in the governorate will ease the burden on the residents in and around the governorate," he added. “They have to travel long distances and wait for many hours to attend their dialysis sessions".

The governor praised the role of QRCS in supporting health projects in the governorate in general.

Dr. Abdul-Majeed Atef, Director-General of Ibn Khaldun Hospital, said, “This is the only central dialysis hospital in the governorate. It receives patients from 16 directorates. There are over 100 cases of renal failure in Lahij. I would like to thank QRCS for its efforts to resume the project, which had been commenced in 2015, but halted due to the war. Now, QRCS is resuming the construction. We are happy for having them here in Lahij, and we will give every possible form of support. We will work with them as one team, and I hope they would continue to operate the center after opening".

To evaluate the work, a delegation from QRCS inspected the progress of the project. Eng. Ahmed Al-Sharaji, head of QRCS's office in Yemen, commented, “We came to Lahij to follow up on the finishing of the building, and we will start equipment and furnishing later. I hope we would be able to operate the center."​