News & Events QRCS sponsors surgeries for Iraqi IDPs, Syrian refugees in Erbil
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QRCS sponsors surgeries for Iraqi IDPs, Syrian refugees in Erbil



The representation office of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) in Iraq is executing a general surgery and oncology project for the benefit of internally displaced people (IDPs) and Syrian refugees in Erbil Governorate.

This is part of the program of medical convoys executed by QRCS all over the world since 2000, with a view to providing direct medical support for the beneficiaries, by performing significant surgeries, examinations, and medications for the benefit of those suffering health issues but cannot afford the cost of treatment in poor and affected countries.

Hosted by the Rizgary Teaching Hospital in Erbil, the project is aimed at improving health conditions and strengthening the health system of Erbil, by supporting the governorate’s health bureau and the hospital, to provide the Iraqi IDPs and Syrian refugees at camps who need specialized surgical interventions with access to adequate secondary health care, so that they can get the right and timely treatment they need.

Another objective of the project is to reduce the mortality and morbidity rates, by securing comprehensive and free-of-charge treatment services (clinical examinations, diagnosis, and surgical operations). This will be very helpful in alleviating the suffering of the patients and their families, amid severe health and socioeconomic conditions, which were further exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the action plan, the project involves performing clinical examinations for the patients at camp-bound health care centers, referring those who require surgical operations to the Rizgary Hospital, where they undergo more advanced preoperative examinations, with a total budget of QR 103,777.

Until the date of this report, 52 patients have been examined and 11 surgeries performed. The beneficiaries were selected based on the medical reports and field visits at camps. Gifts and toys are distributed to the ill children, in order to boost their morale.

The project will last until the end of 2021, with funding from the revenue of benevolent donors in Qatar.​