News & Events QRCS promotes safety standards among MCS staff
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QRCS promotes safety standards among MCS staff


Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and the Ministry of Culture and Sports (MCS) have concluded a training program to develop first aid and disaster response skills among the latter's staff.

Under the title of “Safe Youth Centers", the program involved two training courses aimed at raising public awareness about how to save other people's lives and deal with emergencies.

The two courses were instructed by the team of QRCS School Program (Volunteering and Local Development Division) and health education (Medical Affairs Division). They are part of QRCS's year-round agenda of specialized courses that educate the public, particularly the youth, about disaster preparedness/management, as well as to make them able to intervene properly in such cases.

In the first course, the participants were introduced to first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as life-saving techniques, the requirements and responsibilities of a paramedic, and the content and use of the first-aid kit. Also, the session discussed the most common injuries in everyday life, such as loss of consciousness, wounds, fractures, burns, suffocation, and other cases, with a demonstration of how to stabilize the cases until medical help is available.

The other course covered the topic of disaster management and risk reduction as a way to promote a public culture of disaster preparedness, the Sphere Project standards of humanitarian action, and the main areas of field relief (health, water and sanitation, shelter, and food).

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Edlibi, Head of Health Education at QRCS, highlighted the role of young people and the importance of equipping them with the basics of first aid, being the first responders to emergencies in Qatar.

The country, he stressed, is hosting many events where the youth can contribute a lot in case of emergency, which will have a considerable impact on community health and safety.

“Inspired by social responsibility, this program seeks to disseminate the spirit of initiative to help others and save lives," said Dr. Edlibi. “Staying calm and avoiding panic are among the key skills needed for the youth to manage an emergency or give the victims health care in a sound manner".

Four centers took part in the training program: Al-Daayen Youth Center, Simaisma Youth Center, Al-Kaaban Youth Center, and Qatar Scientific Club (QSC). A total of 20 staff from the four centers were selected to attend the courses, taught by experts from QRCS with accreditation from the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and the American Heart Association (AHA).

The QRCS School Program is an innovative scheme designed to train school students, teachers, and administrative staff in disaster preparedness/response, risk reduction, first aid, health education, and social harmony and integration.​