News & Events QRCS launches its Adahi project for the year 1444 AH
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QRCS launches its Adahi project for the year 1444 AH


With a license from the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities, Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has launched its annual Adhahi project for the year 1444 AH under the slogan "Humanity First...Your sacrifice makes them happy," in order to facilitate the ritual of sacrifice for everyone.

Through this initiative, donations can be made to Qatar Red Crescent which then distributes the sacrifice to the beneficiaries within Qatar and in 18 countries in Asia, Africa and the Balkans, in cooperation with its global partners. 
The necessary arrangements have been made to provide the sacrifical donations that the sacrificers donate their value during the project period, so that the sacrifices of lamb, goats and cows are then slaughtered and their meat is distributed at the legal times specified for slaughter, in the form of food rations for the benefit of 59,736 beneficiaries, of whom 4,476 beneficiaries represent needy families in the State of Qatar.

In this regard, Mr. Faisal Mohamed Al-Emadi, QRCS's Acting Secretary-General Society, wished the people of the State of Qatar, all Islamic peoples, and the entire world a blessed Eid Al-Adha and stated: "We seek, in the Qatar Red Crescent, to meet and delight people in different countries, especially those countries that suffer from the scourge of displacement as a result of crises and disasters, and perhaps the approaching Eid al-Adha is an opportunity for us to reach the most vulnerable populations, as well as an opportunity for donors to open a door of goodness, as the sacrifice is a ritual of the faith, and it has a positive impact on the community. Nothing less than that is intended for those who are able to offer sacrifices at the appropriate times as a means of approaching the Lord Almighty and in keeping with the noble passage from the Qur'an that reads, [So eat from it and feed the miserable and the poor.]" 

Noble Goals
The sacrifice project, which the Qatar Red Crescent conducts before and during Eid al-Adha every year, is significant because it accomplishes a number of admirable religious and humanitarian purposes. On the one hand, it makes it easier for those who want to make the sacrifice and spares them the trouble of having to go through the necessary buying, butchering, and distributing processes. On the other hand, it gives the hungry people in the world the food they need, particularly the meat that is not typically available to them throughout the rest of the year. Thirdly, it promotes initiatives to increase food security and enhance the quality of life for economically disadvantaged families.

This project also aids in the performance of a religious practice that Muslims all over the world value and serves to spread happiness, a sense of fraternity, and human solidarity. Regarding the method of project implementation, the Crescent was eager to categorize the project into the following 3 groups: • The third category includes: (Mali at a value of 220 QR, Niger at a of 270 QR, Malawi and Kenya at a value of 320 QR, Sri Lanka at a value of 350 QR, Somalia at a value of 380 QR, Bangladesh at a value of 440 QR, Nepal at a value of 450 QR, Bangladeshi Rohingyas at a value of 470 QR). • The second category includes: (Sudan at a value of 500 QR, Afghanistan and Ethiopia at a value of 550 QR, Qatar at a value of 670 QR, Yemen and Kosovo at a value of 880 QR, and Albania at a value of 970 QR). • The first category includes: (Syria at a value of 1110 QR, Iraq at a value of 1250 QR, Jordan at a value of 1370 QR, and Palestine/Gaza at a value of 1870 QR).

Qatar Red Crescent will provide, slaughter, and distribute sacrificed heads through its offices to recipients, families, and individuals during the blessed Eid al-Adha of the year 1444 AH. This is done in collaboration with its partners around the globe. The Qatar Red Crescent announced the launch of a number of projects that coincide with the sacrifice season on its official website These projects include livelihood projects that seek to give families employment opportunities, medical convoy projects that perform specialized and high-quality surgeries for underprivileged patients, and Eid clothing projects that aim to cheer up children during this time of blessed days.

Qatar Red Crescent urges the donors to acquire the sacrifice as soon as possible by calling the donor service number (66666364), the home collection number (33998898), the contact center (44027777), sending an SMS message, or visiting the website Send "1" to 92552 (a 250 QR sacrifice), "2" to 92869 (a 350 QR sacrifice), "3" to 92092 (a 500 QR sacrifice), and "4" to 92246 (a 1,000 QR sacrifice). ​