QRCS promotes hand hygiene among Bangladesh refugees, host community
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QRCS promotes hand hygiene among Bangladesh refugees host community


In celebration of the Global Handwashing Day 2020, the representation mission of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) in Bangladesh has taken part in the hygiene awareness campaigns at the refugee camps. The community volunteers working at the health centers operated by QRCS in the 19 and E8 refugee camps held a series of community events and sessions for around 350 persons to raise awareness of the importance of washing hands with soap and water, as a crucial way to prevent communicable diseases, in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak and easy transmission by touching virus-carrying objects. Around 28 young women and men of the refugees are hired as community volunteers at QRCS’s health centers, working on a daily basis to communicate health awareness messages to refugee families and the host community. They cover a wide range of important topics, such as: first aid, family planning, fundamental principles, and psychological support. Since the beginning of 2020, nearly 43,214 families, or 216,070 persons, have been visited by community awareness teams. First marked in 2008, the Global Handwashing Day is an annual event celebrated every October. It features national and international awareness campaigns to promote a culture of handwashing among society members. Under the theme of Hand Hygiene for All, World Health Organization (WHO) reminds us that we must work toward universal access and practice of handwashing with soap as a priority for now and for a healthy future. Handwashing is one of the simplest ways to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and ensure better health outcomes overall.