News & Events QRCS, QYH Celebration of International Youth Day Successful
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QRCS, QYH Celebration of International Youth Day Successful


August 13th, 2017 ― Doha: Qatar Red Crescent (QRCS) and Qatar Youth Hostels (QYH) marked the International Youth Day yesterday, 12 August 2017. Under the theme of 'Youth Building Peace'. August 13th, 2017 ― Doha: Qatar Red Crescent (QRCS) and Qatar Youth Hostels (QYH) marked the International Youth Day yesterday, 12 August 2017. Under the theme of 'Youth Building Peace', the event was supported by Al-Ahli Sports Club, Soul Riders Qatar, and 0974 (a youth group of Qatar University students). The celebration received wide public attendance from Qatari and resident youths in Qatar, as well as ambassadors of Sudan, Palestine, and Tunisia to Doha. A public seminar was held to discuss the role of youth in building peace. The guest speakers were Dr. Issa Al-Horr, Head of Youth Activities, Ministry of Culture and Sports; Eng. Mohamed bin Mahdi Al-Yami, Executive Manager of QYH; and Suhaim Al-Abdullah, volunteer with QRCS. In a video speech, Ali Khalfan Al-Mansouri, Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations Office at Geneva, commended QRCS's celebration of the International Youth Day, as a globally recognized occasion. He valued QRCS's 40 years of work for humanity at large, mobilizing the power of youth to change the bad reality of many individuals and communities. "Undoubtedly, the world is facing huge challenges that require concerted efforts from everyone, particularly the youth. Today, we have 1.8 billion young women and men in the world. Engaging those people in decision making and public life is crucial to progress for all nations. "There is a pressing need for good education, adequate training, employment opportunities, access to health care, and protection against violence and exploitation. Risks are not limited to the home or school environment; modern technology has created good and bad influences. So, it is imperative to promote dialogue, listen to the youth, prepare young leaders, and invest in their energy. During the seminar, Issa Mohamed Al Ishaq, Director of Communication, QRCS, said, "We in QRCS work hard to empower the youth to engage actively in public activities, pursuing sustainable human development in Qatar, in conformity with Qatar National Vision 2030". Mr. Al-Yami remarked, "The leaders of this country care for both nationals and residents. All the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 are targeted at everyone living in Qatar. This day is a reminder for our 3,500 QYH members that we work for them". Dr. Al-Horr explained that the young women and men engaged by youth centers  now are much more than those engaged five years ago. "Partnership agreements were held between youth centers and malls to open youth incubators at public places. The same is done by Ministry of Education at schools". Mr. Al-Abdullah sent a message to his peers: "Convenience is good, but striving in life is what helps you change yourself to a better one. Although I work 12 hours a day, my friends wonder how I could find time to perform volunteering activities with QRCS – perhaps 7 hours a day. Actually, I spend who days without sleeping, but still enjoying the experience. This effort will pay back one day, when you find yourself a proactive, confident leader".