News & Events "iCARE" Charity Project for Myanmar Women
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"iCARE" Charity Project for Myanmar Women


May 17th, 2017 ― Doha: In cooperation with Qatar Red Crescent (QRCS), Q Label Designers Collection announced the launch of their charitable project "iCARE". "iCARE" Charity Project for Myanmar Women May 17th, 2017 ― Doha: In cooperation with Qatar Red Crescent (QRCS), Q Label Designers Collection announced the launch of their charitable project "iCARE". "iCARE" is a project put together by six ladies from different backgrounds, coming together to give back to suffering humanity by making fashion meet compassion. A special set of clothes will be launched twice a year, and 30% of the profit from those dresses will be donated to a specific humanitarian cause. This year, for the first launch, Q Label has joined QRCS's project in Myanmar and dedicated their cause to "iCARE for Myanmar". Four beautiful summer dresses have been released, each with a symbolic name: "Compassion", "Care", "Peace", and "Love". "We gave our dresses a name because these are not just some fashionable attire we are selling. We want our customers to know that each time they put on their dress, there was an emotion they have sent out to the suffering women of Myanmar," Saba Syed explained. As an internationally recognized humanitarian organization, QRCS is planning to initiate an economic empowerment project for the vulnerable women in Myanmar, who will receive training in sewing and stitching to open their own small businesses and earn their own living. Despite being a clothing company, Q Label management is eager to advocate a cause for suffering women. "Clothes designed and produced by women will be sold for the benefit of women through the sewing machines and training," the company said in a statement. The idea of "iCARE" has received a strong positive support from the community leaders. Even local businesses have stepped forward to contribute. "We are truly thankful to Intercontinental Doha The City for offering us their facility for filming our videos and photo shoot," said the owner. "When you start something to make this world a better place, it is always refreshing to see others joining in the effort and offering help for the cause". Q Label will continue to raise awareness about Myanmar crisis until July 31st, 2017. The funds raised during this time will be handed over to QRCS to begin work on their development project in Myanmar. One of the major events that Q Label will put together in cooperation with QRCS is the "iCARE for Myanmar" gala night on June 11th, 8:30 p.m., at the Intercontinental Doha The City. The event will include a short presentation about Myanmar and an introduction to "iCARE" project. The gala night will be unique by the presence of caring women of all ethnicities sharing their compassion and love to make this world a peaceful place. For more information on "iCARE for Myanmar", please visit, or alternatively visit the Facebook page, Q Label. Or follow on Instgram, on Twitter @qlabel_qa, or on Snapchat