4th Ajial Forum Concluded
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Ajial Forum Concluded


Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and Ajial Qatar concluded today the 4th Ajial Forum, which was attended by 20 students at the Sharq Village and Spa, under the theme of “Doing Good to Others”. The closing ceremony was attended by Muna Fadel Al-Sulaiti, Executive Director of Volunteering and Local Development at QRCS, Mooza Mohamed Al-Kuwari, Head of Community Development at QRCS, Huda Abdul-Latif Hamdan, Projects Expert at QRCS and the event’s manager, Faisal Al-Qahtani, Director-General of Ajial Qatar, and Hassan Yousef Al-Mulla, businessman and contributor to QRCS’s Coronavirus control efforts. In her remarks, Ms. Al-Sulaiti said, “We have implanted 20 flowers. Hope they will blossom very soon to serve their community and humanity. Happy to be part of making this happen. It is not our first time, and will hopefully not be the last time, to work with Ajial Qatar. The students welcomed QRCS warmly, given its good reputation as a humanitarian, voluntary, and social organization”. “This forum has the potential to be a prominent event in the GCC region and all over the world,” she added. “The the various programs it involves, the forum instills in the young generation human ideals, crisis management skills, and a sense of responsibility and helping others”. Ms. Al-Kuwari praised the efforts by Ajial Qatar and other partners in the event: the Ministry of Interior’s (MOI) General Directorate of Civil Defence and General Directorate of Traffic, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s (MME) Public Parks Department, and the Sharq Village and Spa (host). “This initiative showcased many skills and competences among the youngsters,” said Ms. Al-Kuwari. “It also introduced child-related ideas in terms of life, leadership, and educational matters. We hope that this event will be an opportunity to expand cooperation between QRCS and Ajial Qatar”. Ms. Hamdan described this initiative as “very fruitful, as it largely influenced our children who are the leaders of the future”. She stated, “The 4th Ajial Forum played a key role in developing the personalities of the students. The workshops and activities focused on the Islamic, human, and national values, mainly the principles of volunteerism, proactive benevolence, and serving the country. This was evident in the activities done by the students, such as the tree planting, traffic awareness and civil defence lectures, and first-aid workshops to help injuries and manage any emergency or accident”. According to her, the forum worked towards the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, by creating active leaders and volunteers. The students learned about the safety and security procedures, as well as first aid skills.