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​​​​​​Strategy of QRC

The Qatari Red Crescent puts mind In the introduction to its objectives 8 priorities seeks the end of 2010 to achieve and attain, where combine vision and mission Crescent towards fundamental goal is to improve the lives of vulnerable people activating the energies of humanity in Qatar and abroad, on the basis of a strategy aimed walked by Crescent since 1999, the aim of which is now re-formulated and activated. devote effort to accomplish this the Strategy before the end of 2010, in order to fulfill its responsibility as a leading humanitarian organization in the thigh h leading international seeks to improve the lives of vulnerable people wherever they are found.
Crescent sees through four areas of work are essential for disaster preparedness and response, and health care services, rehabilitation and advocate for the weak, and to build the capabilities of the new moon. The possibility of the implementation of these eight priorities:
  1. Moon program.
  2. Programs of local health services.
  3. Building program for institutional development.
  4. Financial resources.
  5. Assuming a leading position.
  6. Field of scientific research.
  7. Increase the number of volunteers.
  8. Open new branches of the crescent. ​
It is believed that the crescent area to gain access to these four areas and the eight priorities to what it wants and is effective through the steps and mechanisms of action of a basic start of the preparation phase through the implementation phase through to the evaluation phase to achieve the vision and strategy for 2010. And measuring its achievements, and to prepare recommendations for a new cycle of strategic planning.

The background of the development of the strategic plan
At 1999 the International Federation of Red Crescent and Red Cross passed to adopt a strategic plan to guide the work of its members around the world, and called the plan "Strategy 2010". These included the plan work areas adhere to all national associations, called "core areas", and in the same year put the Qatari Red Crescent first strategy has focused on building the capabilities of the new moon. In the year 2004 the Qatari Red Crescent put the second strategy, which includes the core areas approved by the Union, and then introduced some amendments to it later, and was named "Strategy 2006-2010." Work has begun Strategy 2004 since issuance, and as it was for the first strategy (2001) sold a large reorganization of the Crescent and prepare for growth in the right direction, it has been the strategy of the second (2004), a strong influence on the direction of Crescent and the creation of the position gave him in the humanitarian community.

Introduction by "Future Crescent"
Still the tragedies of human increases, and increases with impacted and vulnerable, as well as the burdens of the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to improve their lives, With AIDS kills more than 8,000 people a day, and more than one billion people living on less than one U.S. dollar per day, and between each Ahracta sun dies More than 30,000 children due to preventable disease, and basic health services and clean drinking water is still a distant dream for the vast majority of the world's population. As our Arab and Islamic earthquakes and floods are still haunting her and affected tens of thousands annually, and armed conflict as settled in this region is no longer tragedies interrupted, injuring Iraq bleed five years ago, leaving behind millions of migrants and displaced people, and Gaza intensified by the blockade so that the sewage may sink her family before that threatened the lack of food and medicine. The case in Qatar is progressing and thankfully, but population increases and increases with the size and diversity of the vulnerable groups that need to improve the life of the face or the other, in addition Vnchob war between America and Iran is out of the question, has damaged him the Gulf states, including Qatar, and the prevention of disasters a dispute such as this requires serious preparation and cooperation of all concerned institutions.​
Under these tragedies and threats of international, regional and local attempts to Qatar Red Crescent, including his experience and stretch in the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to bear the responsibility to improve the lives of vulnerable people at all levels, and to build capacity to be as much ambition to fulfill this responsibility.

Cultural and religious values of community in the country
The goals and visions are generally derived from the strategic task of the International Federation to the Year 2010. But added to the cultural dimension of the local, and this is important and puts the privacy of the place and its culture
From this values of cultural reference Islamic legitimacy, given that Islam is the religion of the state and the general public, and this reference is particularly important in dealing with money donors which is the first pillar of the credibility of the Crescent, but this must Crescent investigate this reference in all transactions, especially financial transactions. This is not inconsistent with the principle of neutrality adopted by the international movement as long as the Crescent offers its services for vulnerable people regardless of their religion.

Vision at the local level
Began to take shape at the local level several phenomena allow the Qatari Red Crescent to highlight the effectiveness of the largest, of these phenomena:
  1. Began to take shape at the local level several phenomena allow the Qatari Red Crescent to highlight the effectiveness of the largest, of these phenomena:
  2. State's quest towards the idea of ​​civil society-based non-governmental institutions, as well as interest in various fields, and capacity building in these areas and organized, it allows more opportunities for the crescent moon in the expansion of its activity and the mobilization of resources and the establishment of partnerships.
  3. Continuing evolution in communications systems, information technology, and this needs to be constant monitoring by Crescent to realize the importance of this development and take advantage of it to improve services and communication with the community and mobilize resources.

Work Priorities
  1. Implementation of the program's ability confrontation and lead relief, the moon program the moon is a system for effective disaster preparedness and response, and has the ability to aid 20 thousand families a year in the framework of four disasters Pollack simultaneously anywhere in the world, contributes to making Qatar the position of leadership in the field of disaster management at the regional and international levels. The budget for the program is estimated at about 114 million QR annually. The program consists of five sub-programs are: program and emergency response units, stock relief program, the training program for the confrontation, program information systems, software Relief Fund.
  2. Causing mutation in Crescent programs in local health services: Stick to the Qatari Red Crescent to provide health services such as first aid programs across the first-aid stations and first aid service in the stadiums. I have recommended paragraph review the current strategy that expands Crescent in services and programs for first-aid free, and may be feasible in the future strategy Hilal talk about a boom in the Crescent in the area of ​​health care and to seek to achieve the following specific accomplishments
  3. Transfer of ownership of medical services for pilgrims to Crescent.
  4. Crescent establish a center for health services in the industrial area.
  5. Open new centers for first aid in the assembly areas such as residential commercial centers.

Building program for institutional development
The program relies approach takes into account the overlap between the various capacity building projects, therefore, is an integrated program of partial plans for all projects required, and shall review and revise and add the elements needed to build the capacity of the Assembly. There are 6 stages of going through the program.
  1. Adjust entity Crescent include: the revision of the current strategy and determine the overall structure of the crescent moon.
  2. Design procedures and workflows.
  3. Formulation of policies and laws.
  4. The development of e-business systems.
  5. The preparation of a comprehensive internal directory Crescent.
  6. Quality control and evaluation of effectiveness

Achieve significant growth in the financial resources of the moon
Money is the lifeblood of the work. The audit report of the current strategy to increase the value of property in Crescent in the past four years by 74% up in the year 2006 to 120 million riyals, and an increase in operating income, which increased by 420% and reached in the year 2007 to 62 million riyals. In spite of this financial growth, but that the need for humanitarian and ambitious Crescent remain much larger, Programme moon alone requires an annual budget of more than 114 million riyals, or nearly double the total operating budget Crescent in the past year, and this shows the extent of the jump material which wants to be achieved by Crescent through a strategy Hilal future. And to bring about the desired mutation physical work requires two things
  1. A significant increase in donations that funded programs and projects Crescent.
  2. Design procedures and paths Alamlahaddat a significant increase in the volume of investments yielding regular.

Crescent Value
In order for Crescent to assume a leading position in the humanitarian community, must be given priority in the following areas:
  1. Disaster preparedness and response.
  2. Services and health care.
  3. Rehabilitate and advocate for vulnerable
This priority is not required for its own sake, but because before and after, what is accepted is the effort that Sabzlh Crescent to get to this position, any building its capacity to do so, and beyond is the opportunities offered by this position in a positive impact in humanitarian work at all levels, local, regional, Islamic and international .

Adoption of scientific research and studies in the disciplines of Crescent
Talk about the achievement and look hard into the future is not complete without talking about the growth factors inherent is scientific research, is the one who establishes the scientific method at work and the Qatari Red Crescent is now in a position to enter into this area to enrich his performance in the areas of disaster management and health care. Has introduced since the ideas and proposals, such as multiple medical studies Survey, and the Regional Training Center, and the Institute of Disaster Management, and so based Crescent side of the scientific and academic work.

Increase the amount and type of volunteers and take advantage of them serious
In the following areas:
  1. Services and health care.
  2. Rehabilitate and advocate for the weak. Can crescent through:
    1. Increase the number of volunteers.
    2. Increase the percentage of qualified among them.
    3. Effective use of volunteers and the ability to retain. This requires: identification of policies and strategic directions for volunteer work in the God of Lal, and identify areas of volunteerism. Openness to different state institutions, especially those involved in disaster management.

​Open new branches of the crescent moon in Qatar​​
In the context of economic growth and human and is expected to continue toward growth and increase, Crescent will have to prepare for it, and access to all the communities on the outskirts of Doha and beyond. It is appropriate now planning to open new branches of the crescent moon in cities such as North and Al Wakra, and the need to formulate a strategic vision for the specialty of these branches in the early years of its founding, to achieve a balance between strategy and business areas Crescent on the one hand and requirements of spatial and community for each of these branches on the other hand.