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QRCS Relief Delegation, $200,000 for Sulawesi Quack-Tsunami Response

​​Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has responded to the 7.7-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Sulawesi island, central Indonesia.

Just following the disaster, the Disaster Management Information Center (DMIC) was activated to monitor the repercussions. Out of the Emergency Response Fund, a $200,000 contribution was allocated for initial response.

A relief team is set to travel to the earthquake-stricken area to conduct field assessments and distribute relief aid. In cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI), the services to be offered include assessment and field coordination, water and sanitation, shelter, logistics, relief supplies, and psychological support.

The DMIC is in 24/7 contact with the Movement partners and PMI to gather information, organize relief plans, and identify the basic needs. At the same time, work is in progress on the humanitarian response to the August earthquake in Lombok.

According initial reports, the casualties exceed 1,200 killed, 7,100 injured, and 90 missing, with more casualties expected in other islands. So far, 48,025 people were evacuated to 103 shelter locations.

In two regions, the total affected population is estimated at 1.5 million people, a figure that is likely to increase within days.

The destruction was large-scale: homes, shops, public facilities, infrastructure, and even the airport of Palu, the capital of Sulawesi. All electricity and landline networks are totally out of service.

Based on field assessment teams, the urgent needs include food, drinking water, infant formula, tarpaulins, blankets, medical supplies, shelter kits, and communications.

In view of the gravity of the disaster, the Government of Indonesia invited an international intervention. PMI deployed ambulance vehicles and water tanker trucks, distributed nonfood items (NFIs), power generators, and communication radios.

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