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QRCS Responds to Cyclone Mekunu in Yemen

May 25th, 2018Doha:Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has launched an immediate response to Cyclone Mekunu, which is crashing into the Arabian Peninsula this weekend.

From its Contingency Fund, QRCS allocated $100,000 for initial relief in Yemen, providing emergency medical services and food and nonfood items.

Since Wednesday, QRCS's Disaster Information Management Center (DIMC) has been convened to keep up-to-date with the cyclone and ensure the availability of the relief reserves and field hospital for potential intervention.

In his visit to DIMC, Dr. Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, board member and head of relief committee at QRCS, inspected its work and commended the efforts by the specialist team. "Our mission in Yemen is currently surveying the damage and needs. We pray for our brothers in Oman and Yemen," said Dr. Al-Nuaimi.

In coordination with Yemen Red Crescent Society and relevant UN agencies, the three-month response seeks to minimize the impact of the cyclone, by helping around 10,000 affected people in several districts of Al-Mahrah Governorate.

Under the response plan, the beneficiaries will receive mattresses, blankets, pillows, and food parcels. Also, five well-equipped mobile medical teams will be deployed around the target areas.

In Al-Ghaydah District, the local health center will be provided with beds, lab and examination equipment, medicines, and medical consumables. This is added to the remuneration of doctors and nurses to be contracted from other districts to provide health care services at the center.

Cyclone Mekunu is forecast to be of the same strength as a Category 2 hurricane at landfall. It comes just days after Cyclone Sagar had struck Yemen, Somalia, and Djibouti, killing at least 20 people and destroying dozens of houses.

For days now, large areas of Yemen have witnessed heavy rain. In Socotra, where flash floods washed away thousands of animals and cut power lines on the isle in the Arabian Sea, it is feared that some may be dead.​

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