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QRCS Supports Gaza Families with Microenterprises

My ambition is to become a well-known maker of handicraft and art works, in order to maintain my family after the death of my late father," said Tahrir Mosleh (27) as she was awarded a microenterprise under Qatar Red Crescent Society's (QRCS) project to improve the living conditions of poor families in the Gaza Strip.

"I'm planning to open a small bazaar in central Gaza to sell handmade and artistic products, capitalizing on my four-year experience in art, sculpture, and recycling. I hold a bachelor of visual arts education," Ms. Mosleh added.

She explained that QRCS's new project would help her to support her family in the face of financial difficulties, as well as contribute to seize a good share in the local market, which is largely controlled by imported goods.

Dr. Akram Nassar, director of QRCS's representation office in Gaza, said the project is coordinated with Palestine's Ministry of Social Development. "Apart from microenterprises, the project also involves providing food baskets for poor families and installing lighting systems at the houses of low-income patients".

"Costing around $500,000, it is designed to help the poor people of Gaza, who have been suffering terrible economic conditions since 10 years," he noted.

A total of 60 entrepreneurial grants were approved, with an average of $3,000 each, depending on the requirements of Gaza's labor market. A set of criteria was used to select the beneficiaries, including the families with female breadwinners, people with disability, and unemployed graduates.​