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QRCS Launches Economic Empowerment Project in Al-Quds

May 13th, 2018Doha:Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has launched a new economic empowerment project for poor Palestinian households in the City of Al-Quds, with a budget of $310,794 (around QR 1.1 million).

The purpose of the project is to help the households with orphans and poor people registered with the Zakat Al-Quds Committee.

By providing the needy households with a stable source of income, the project will alleviate poverty, raise living standards, and give a boost to the local market.

The scheme adopts a generative vision of leverage, helping the beneficiaries make the productive shift from financial dependence to self-sufficiency. It encourages entrepreneurship as a strong tool of economic growth and sustainability.

Certain criteria were used to ensure fair selection of the neediest beneficiaries. A team from the Zakat Al-Quds Committee made field visits to the project's 51 households and examined the land on which an apiary will be established.

In the first stage of the project, eight beehives were handed over to the target households, along with beekeeping suits, gloves, etc. Also, they attended training sessions on how to best manage an apiary and use the auxiliary gadgets.

Once they start producing and selling honey, the households will earn a decent livelihood, making a big difference in their lives.

A second stage is planned to commence soon, involving purchase and delivery of sewing machines to help the female-headed households open their own workshops. Then, factories will be contracted to supply the textiles and raw material.​